Software Development

We Create Customized Software For Your Business.

The invention of software was a milestone in the technical development of mankind. Software enables us to evaluate millions of data sets within a very short period of time with just one mouse click or to exchange pictures of our loved ones with our friends on the other side of the planet.

Software is a tool to solve problems and make people’s lives easier and more comfortable. With the help of software, time-consuming tasks can be reduced to a mouse click and a few seconds of work.

Make Use of Custom Software For Your Business

At Mentero we create custom software for your business. Our goal is to realize your vision or solve your problem in an elegant and efficient way.

In any business, innovation and technical development is the key to economic growth. You don’t know what you can improve in your business with custom software? Contact us! We will analyze your business and work processes together with you and present you potential improvements that we can implement for your business.

Like Building a House

Software development can be compared very well with the construction of a house. At the beginning of both projects is the planning phase, without this the execution of the project would not be possible in both cases. While with the building of a house first plans are drawn and material decisions are made in the software development a so-called requirement specification is provided. In this artifact it is described exactly what the software must be able to do.

After the planning phase the building phase begins. In the software development this means that it goes to programming. In this longest step the program is brought so to speak to life.

The last step of both projects is the acceptance phase, here the client or in software development the so-called product owner checks whether the final product has been created to their satisfaction.