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Prices Software Development

The development of software is a highly complex technological matter. For this reason, the most accurate cost determination is possible only through an elaborate procedure. On this page we will introduce you to the basic prices as well as the procedure for cost determination.

Basic Prices

Activity typeHourly Rate
Programming Jr.€ 80,-
Programming Sr.€ 100,-
Software Architecture€ 110,-
Software Requirement Analysis€ 70,-
Database Architecture€ 110,-
Testing€ 70,-

Cost Determination

Due to the complex nature of software and its development, it is necessary to do some preliminary work to determine costs as accurately as possible. After our free no-obligation cost estimate, we sit down with you and work out a so-called requirements specification, which lists exactly what the software must be able to do. This process can take from one to several weeks, depending on the scope of the software.

Based on this jointly created requirements specification, we will divide the software into individual work packages, estimate the time required, and assign the above activities. Based on these estimates, we can then determine the expected costs.

This cost determination is chargeable due to the high effort and will be charged with the hourly rate “Software Requirement Analysis” according to the actual effort.

Prices for other IT Services

Besides software development we also offer a wide range of other IT services. Here you can find the pricing for all services that do not fall under software development.

Basic prices

Our hourly rate for general IT services is € 80,-.

For special services please contact us and we will make you a fair offer.